Special thanks to all my wonderful buyers! I have to say that our farm has been blessed to have such a great bunch of people entering our lives. Over Sixteen years in the Shih Tzu business, and We still get updates from almost every puppy. I get one great testimonial after another and it just continues to make me so very proud of my amazing Shih Tzu babies! Thank you all once more!

Esther Currey

Dear pet lovers of Shih Tzu, We reside in the New York area, and are satisfied customers and happy to provide this feedback. Why did we choose your puppy? After conducting much research a few years ago regarding the Shih Tzu breed and breeders, we discovered there were significant and stark differences between breeders which shows up in the puppies that are produced. We choose your Shih Tzu to provide us with two male puppies and because two were not enough, we recently had the last one shipped. All three are beautiful, healthy, happy and of course, spoiled beyond reasons!

James Shelton

From the initial inquiry to pick up and beyond, Shih Tzu Puppy Store tirelessly and proudly provides guidance and timely answers to each and every question.
They are always available. Their puppies are not inexpensive but then again, you get what you pay for. If you are lucky enough to add one puppy from them to your home, you will never regret it! Shih Tzu Puppy Store truly compliment and are a blessing to the Shih Tzu world!

Dorothy and family

We can’t say enough about our experience with Shih Tzu Puppy Store puppies. From the moment I contacted them, I knew they were the ones. I was entrusting to give us the newest member of our family. Shih Tzu Puppy Store is professional through and through and made it clear that it was just as important to them to make sure we were the right fit for one of their puppies as it was that we got what we wanted. When the time finally came for us to pick up our “Laura” we went to their house and were able to see that our new baby was coming from a place that was not only clean and professional but loving as well. Shih Tzu Puppy Store puppies gave us all of the important information needed to bring our new baby home and start her off on the right foot, and was always available to answer any questions we might have. When I took Laura to the vet for the first time, the vet immediately told us that Laura came from a top notch breeder which he could tell from her teeth, her posture, and her coat. None of that really mattered to us, what mattered to us is that Laura has been a complete joy to our family. A sweet, loving, fun, feisty and most importantly healthy little girl! We really can’t imagine our lives without her, and for us there is really only one option when we are ready to add another Shih Tzu to our family. Shih Tzu Puppy Store puppies farm will be our first option. Laura is 4 years old and we still keep in touch, I send them pictures often so they can see how happy Laura is, and it seems to really be important to them to know that she is well cared for and in a good place.

Candy & Peasley

After months of looking for a Shih Tzu breeder we felt we could trust,we discovered you guys. Shih Tzu Puppy Store is the epitome of what one should look for in a breeder. They’re knowledgeable, caring, responsible and passionate about their “puppies”. The two Shih Tzu puppies we got from Shih Tzu Puppy Store (purchased at different times) are healthy and beautiful and have brought us much joy. We feel extremely lucky to have found your Shih Tzu puppies.

Vicki Barthel

We were very impressed with Shih Tzu Puppy Store puppies. After phone conversations, we decided to travel well over 500 miles . When we got there, we were welcomed into a clean home environment, and introduced to their well mannered Shih Tzu puppies. We were not in good shape emotionally after losing our beloved Shih Tzu Kyle. I will never forget how compassionate Shih Tzu Puppy Store was with us. We walked out with Chip and adorable Shih Tzu Puppy. Six months later we walked out with Osana. They are robust,healthy,happy rascals now two and half yrs old.
They have brought us much joy and happiness. We could not imagine life without them or without Shih Tzu Puppy Store who are always a phone call or email away to help us raise them. We highly recommend Shih Tzu Puppy Store due to their hard work and breeding skills we found love,happiness and joy once again after our tragic loss.

Swain and family

I purchased one of Shih Tzu Puppy Store puppies girls last year and I couldn’t be happier.
Shih Tzu Puppy Store are such top notch breeders who are professionals, honest, kind, and very helpful.
They helped me to pick the dog with traits that I preferred and fit my lifestyle. Purchasing a dog from them is like a breath of fresh air and the experience couldn’t be any more pleasant.
They welcomed me to their house and to play with the dogs. They didn’t rush me to make any decision even though there were other people on the waiting list.
They are very knowledgeable about the Shih Tzu breed and also a wonderful groomer. That is all I could ask for and plus I have a wonderful breeder whom I can talk to any time when I have questions. In the end, I got a dog that is well socialized, polite, intelligent, happy and beautiful. I won’t hesitate for a second to recommend Shih Tzu Puppy Store to anyone who is interested in the Shih Tzu breed, and I won’t go anywhere else to purchase my next Shih Tzu.

Terrie & Ramos

We drove from Delaware and purchased our little Mercy from Shih Tzu Puppy Store. We were so enchanted by her beauty and sweet temperament that we drove up again and got Sandra. We had no idea that we would be stranded in a snowstorm twenty miles away. Not only did Shih Tzu Puppy Store spend hours digging themselves out, they made the drive over to us with our puppy, and helped to dig our car out and get us on our way, which was not easy. Both puppies are in excellent health and an absolute joy. We highly recommend Shih Tzu Puppy Store puppies puppies. Shih Tzu Puppy Store are very helpful, always available, knowledgeable, and very reputable. They are deeply committed to the Shih Tzu breed. We continue to keep in touch and know that we can count on them.

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